I used to be someone an overly serious person. I worried constantly about what people thought of me, and I avoided expressing myself. I was a shell of myself.

Today, I’m quite happy to say I am no longer a shell of myself. Read on to find how to change to take yourself less seriously and have more fun.

Make a Commitment

The first step to taking yourself less seriously is to make a commitment. Commit to doing the things that remind you that life is fun. This means laughing when you trip over your feet, and noticing the hilarious aspects of awkward conversations (Imagine yourself watching the conversation. Most of the time their pretty funny).

The moment I started laughing at myself and my mistakes, I became much more free. Each mess up became a joke to laugh at and learn from. I realized that these uncomfortable situations were part of life, and they became a little easier to handle.

Get Used to Failure

Everyone fails in life. We struggle in conversation, we fail in business, we fail to follow through on our New Year’s Resolution, etc. You’re going to fail a lot. I know I have. In fact, the fastest way to learn and get used to difficult situations is through failure. And sometimes, you might even surprise yourself. Decide to put yourself in more situations outside your comfort zone and your comfort zone will grow.

Change Your Self-Image

The next important step is changing your self-image.

A great way to change your self-image is a visualization. Basically, you’re going to close your eyes and image yourself acting how you want to act. If you want to confidently say hello to strangers, then picture it. And it’s important to make your visualization as detailed as possible. How would you be feeling? What might you be thinking? Any details you can add will enhance the realism of the visualization.

Another method that really worked for me was changing my word usage. Instead of searching for the shortest sentence I could find, I discussed how I was really feeling.

I also changed how I defined myself. Sure, I still made jokes about being awkward from time to time, but I no longer believed that.


You can that outgoing person that you’ve always wanted to be.

You can be your best self around others.

Take the time to laugh at your mistakes, push your personal boundaries, and cultivate your self-image. I was so glad I did this, and I think you will be too.

The process is challenging, but if you care enough it won’t matter. And remember with each failure, you’re becoming more like the person you want to be. If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.

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