This post is going to be a little different than the previous posts. Instead of giving a how to, I want this post to inspire you to see the beauty that is all around you. Let a sense of awe radiate throughout your entire life. Beauty will only be seen when we quit resisting it, and actively seek out its presence.

Life’s Beauty

Have you ever been held in a complete sense of awe? For me, there is one moment that sticks out. I had just arrived at the condo we were staying at in Myrtle Beach. I walked through the house and made my way outside. It was here that I had my first experience with the ocean. The ocean was astonishing. Its vast nature grabbed my attention. Everything else seemed to disappear. It was just the ocean and my imagination. I felt so small, but the feeling was amazing. That was the highlight of my vacation.

Soon, I learned I had the ability to create that feeling every single day. I began to choose moments throughout the day to eliminate all my expectations of the world. I attempted to recreate the best aspects of my four-year-old self. I picked flowers and examined them. Took of my shoes and walked barefoot through my backyard. I finally began to appreciate the world’s beauty.

By removing my expectations, I began to see beauty in the things that I had taken for granted for years. The feeling of awe shifted from oceans and skyscrapers to colors and smells. Green leaves are so bright, if you pay attention. The diversity among trees is astonishing. Small breezes on hot days become wonderful surprises when you don’t expect them.

Dad jokes can be amazing mood boosters. Being able to enjoy a dad joke requires removing many of the standards and requirements society has placed upon our sense of humor. Sure, some people truly don’t find them funny, and I understand that. But there are way too many people that find them funny, but refuse to laugh. Some of my best moments have come from laughing at some of the most absurd jokes I’ve ever heard.

I began to enjoy silence and reading a good book. Bugs became all the more interesting. My questions were more basic, and necessary to my understanding. I was enjoying life more, and living it better.

So I encourage you to take the time to experience the beauty around you. I know I can’t wait to continue to explore the beautiful world I live in. Don’t wait for the world to amaze you, allow yourself to be amazed by the world.

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