People…what are we? We’re connectors. That is what we are. We connect with our neighbors. We connect with our friends. That’s what we do. We connect.

Who are the people that you want to connect with most? Who could you perform a small act of kindness for that would change their day. That is what is important. We cannot change another person’s life. They have to do that for themselves, but we can change their day. That is where you must place your focus. That is where your power is. Remember that.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve placed my focus on changing other people’s lives. But, this focus often leads to inaction. Good thoughts mean nothing without action. Small acts of kindness each day are the source of change in the world. Be comfortable with taking a risk to do something kind toward someone else. I want my life to be focused on creating 10x more value to others than they have provided to me. This value may not be able to be measured in terms that can be calculated.

Thus, I must find amazing ways to bring value into the lives of others. This is where true value is provided and, ultimately, gained. It is so easy to let the fear of social interaction and defying typical social boundaries prevent me from doing these fulfilling actions. There are so many reasons to do it, that the few reasons not to become irrelevant.

This is the secret ingredient to enjoying life. It’s taking the extra step. Going beyond the normal limit, but not because you should or you’re expected to. No, you do it because you want to. And, that is the secret to connection. Connection takes effort, and nothing shows effort better than taking the time to think of something that will create value.

If you make the effort to touch their lives, people will never forget you.

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