Each and every one of us has our own definition of success. With these different views, we each develop our own keys to achieving our definition of success.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Before I can establish my key to success, I’ll provide a brief overview of my definition of success. In my view, success is the attainment of a life that makes me happy. Okay, so that’s all good, but what is happy? Happy is experiencing many moments of joy without unnecessary sadness or stress. That’s simple enough right?

This is where the key to success becomes important. Many times there is a single trait that can establish an environment or mindset that causes other things to fall into place. Many people refer to this as a keystone habit.

Well, my key to success is actually two keystone habits: Social interaction and exercise.

Yep, that’s it. Those two things alone often mark the difference between a great day and an awful day.

You may be thinking “that’s simple. I could have told you that”. And I agree, it is simple. But, it took me a few years to notice the difference they made. As I’ve begun my journey of personal growth, one of the biggest lessons has been that the biggest difference between who I am an d who I want to be is a bunch of small, overlooked decisions. They’re decisions that I haven’t thought of but become pretty obvious once they’re pointed out. As I’ve gotten better at observing the simple things in my life, I’ve been more focused on doing the things that I enjoy. The things that improve my day-to-day life.

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