I might have a slight obsession with possibilities.

Do you ever look up into the night sky and wonder how everything got to be exactly where it is? Have you ever walked through a library and imagined that vastly different places those books came from? Maybe you’ve seen a product or heard an idea that sounded completely ridiculous?

For me, these are all the little moments that make life wonderful. These are the possibilities. I see the world as a space for an endless stream of possible experiences. There is an opportunity for anything to happen at any moment. You could perceive whatever happens as good or bad, but in the end, it’s just another possibility.

My love for possibilities is deeply in line with my personality. At the heart of my being, I am and always have been an adventurer. From nature-driven treks to exciting road trips, I love getting to explore new things. There is something about new experiences that capture my imagination. I get inspired by unusual journeys and experiences. I remember the first time I read Into the Wild, I was completely wrapped up in the adventure of Chris McCandless. I remember the first time I saw a Yes Theory youtube video, I was blown away by their message of love and ability to connect people. I remember learning about Theodore Roosevelt and being fascinated by his lifestyle. For me, these are all people that embraced adventure. They embraced possibilities.

Some of my best friends are people that have completely embraced spontaneity in their life. Whether it be their words or actions, they always seem to say or do something that I never saw coming. It keeps it interesting, fun, and often leads to hilarious scenarios.

Possibilities remind me not to live life too seriously. Possibilities remind me that life doesn’t always work out as we planned it, and that’s completely alright. Possibilities let me know it’s okay to have silly thoughts, because silly ideas are equally valid in a world where anything can happen. Possibilities show me that each day can be very different from the last.

As I look upon the possibilities in my life, there are still many areas where I could be much better at embracing the possibilities. I still try to over-control a lot of scenarios, or regret the way certain things turn out. With each day, I hope to see these possibilities a little more clearly and embrace them for what they are: an opportunity to something a little differently. I don’t plan on being perfect. I may not even good at witnessing these possibilities, but I do thing I can be a little better with each coming day. That’s the start I need. One day, one possibility at a time.

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