I find that I spend a lot of time wondering about how I could be a better person or live a better life. It’s a thought that I think about when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. Throughout my day, there are moments where I stop and think:

“Could I have done that better?”

I think striving for something better is part of what it means to be human. It’s a drive that has led our species from living in a state of survival like most species to the current state of the world, where many humans are not in any danger of dying from a lack of resources. In short, our need for progress has allowed our species to thrive from a survival perspective up to this point.

On the other end of the discussion, there is the idea that needing something else for our happiness obstructs us from being happy in the current moment. Through created obstacles and challenges to overcome, we delay our happiness and often find that achieving our goal wasn’t as joyful as we expected. Sometimes, we realize that we created a goal just to make ourselves feel like we were moving in a positive direction, even though the fulfillment of that goal was never what we truly wanted.

These are just two of the many possible perspectives to look at this issue with. I believe that the answer for myself is probably somewhere in the middle of achieving and savoring, but I’m still trying to get the clarity needed to pinpoint that spot. I’m also open to the idea that there really is no answer that’s better than another.

I find there is great joy in questioning ideas and beliefs. Through this questioning, new and equally interesting questions often emerge that open us up to new ideas and possibilities. Hopefully this post did that for you.


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