Time is one of the most powerful decision making tools we all can use.

Time Let’s Us See Clearly

Time is an emotional tool. It lets us recover from the pain we’re currently going through and return to a joyful state of mind. Time allows us to postpone our most difficult problems, because we aren’t currently capable of overcoming them. When we say we’re going to give something time, we’re saying that it’s really important to us and we want to make sure that we make a decision that supports our best interest. Time is the antidote to our momentary irrationality.

Giving a Problem Time Might Be the Last Thing We Want to Do

We like solving problems. When there is something making our life less than optimal, we want to eliminate the issue and we want to do it as quick as possible. There are times when this can be a good thing. Some problems can be easily fixed once we start. In these cases, waiting is just giving ourselves more time to worry. Other times, however, we really do need time to make the best decision. These problems are usually those that include some emotional component. When our emotions are involved, giving ourselves time allows us to handle the situation sensitively.

My Personal Struggle With Time

Giving myself time is a problem that I struggle with sometimes. I want to solve problems quickly. When I think things aren’t as good as they could be, I don’t want to let them be. Sometimes, I rush to action and make things worse. Other times I’m able to catch myself before I do anything, only to change my mind later and make things worse.

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