Change might be the single most important part of life. Our world is nothing without change.

Life is all about change. We all start out as tiny, incapable babies. Over time, we grow mentally and physically. We begin to figure the world out for ourselves.

As we mature, we begin to do and enjoy different things. We find things we like doing, and actively pursue those things. We move between ideas and pursuits. Consistent change keeps our lives interesting.

Acknowledge the Change You Desire

The first step in embracing change is to acknowledge the change we desire. All of us have things we wish to do and goals we hope to achieve. We see something that might make us a happier or a better person. The only way to reach these goals is through change.

We can’t get to a new place by doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts. We have to do something differently. It could be deciding to focus on different areas of our life, making different decisions, or learning about new things. Whatever you decide to do, change will be an important part of the process.

See the Change That Brought You to This Moment

To get to the point you’re at today, you’ve gone through a lot of change. There have been a lot of moments that seemed both good and bad when they occurred, and after all that, here you are. Change has shaped and molded your path many times. Change has been an integral part of your past and you’ve found a way to rise for the occasion.

With this in mind, we can remind ourselves that they upcoming change will lead us to a new place in our lives. Making the adjustment to new circumstances will allow us to expand our capabilities, and we might find our next great pursuit.

You Have the Strength to Get Through Difficult Changes

Some changes will be extremely difficult to make. The best way to prepare for these changes is to have a complete trust in ourselves and our ability to get through difficult times. Humans are extremely resilient. We all are capable of finding our way through some of the darkest things imaginable. With this strength, we can get to look toward the future with hope for better, but also prepared to tackle our biggest demons.

Find something in the change that’s a bright spot. If you lost a really good friend, there is more space to make another great friendship. If the relationship didn’t work out, you likely learned something that will allow you to be a better partner in the future. If you were fired from your job, you now have time to reflect and find a way to move toward the things that are most important to you. Almost every situation has a bright side if you look hard enough.

Remind Yourself You Are Okay

Some changes are absolutely brutal. They can completely destroy our ideas of who we are and what we do. When change is really difficult, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all our problems. Sometimes, the best course of action is a simple reminder that we are alright. We’re still capable of happiness, we can still be kind to our friends and family, we can still focus on doing the right things. Change can break us down, bringing us to rock bottom, but it can’t take away our ability to choose how we act.

Life is Always Changing

Life is constantly in motion. We’ll never be able to pause our lives, keeping things exactly as they are. Part of learning to live is learning that things will happen. We can perceive these things as good or bad, but most of the time they just happen without any special emphasis on how they affect us. This change is easy to embrace when it immediately makes our lives better, but when it appears to hurt us or our friends, we have to be optimistic and mentally resilient. We have to find ways to enjoy the difficult times and see them as necessary to getting to something better. If we can create a hope for something better, change will never be able to bring us down.

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