Recently, I’ve had some free times on my hands, and it has led to an unexpected pattern. When I came home from school, doing odd jobs and chores around the house wasn’t at the top of my priorities. I was more concerned with writing, spending time with family, and focusing on my personal growth. Tidying up wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

Interestingly, chores and small jobs around the house have become a sort of relief during the day. They give me a break from homework on school days, and something to focus on during slower days. It has been a mental reset that has become all the more important during these challenging times.

Vacuuming, folding blankets, painting the house. These are all things I’ve enjoyed in recent weeks. They let me feel a calmer part of life for a little while. Doing small chores provides a rest from the emotionally involved parts of life.

Reflecting on the past few weeks, I have spent most of my days bouncing between being intense emotions and laziness. I sit down at my keyboard with the desire to create the best article I’ve written up to this point. Toward the end of the article, writing gets a little tougher but I manage it. Later on, I’ll do some editing before publishing the article. With most pieces, I start out very excited for the new piece and the excitement slowly diminishes throughout the process. It’s a minor shift, not nearly enough to make me consider quitting. It is there though. Sometimes, I even get frustrated when I can’t get an article how I like or when I see that it hasn’t gotten many views. I love writing and I give it everything I have, but some days it can be a struggle to find the right idea and make it into an article people want to read.

With these intense emotions at play, I have discovered that making time for peace is very important. Therefore, I make it my top priority to incorporate peaceful activities into my day. These activities include meditation, going for walks with my camera, reading a book, and now I can add small house projects to the list, at least for the time being.

Before stay-at-home orders were announced, I rarely found myself enjoying the chores and projects I had to complete. When we return to regularly scheduled life, my enjoyment of them may fade. I think that is very possible. For now, however, I plan on making the most of them. Day-by-day I can make the house a little cleaner and a little more conducive of peace. I can’t control the virus or what everyone else is doing during this time, but I can control myself and the house I will occupy for the next few weeks.

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