Our strength comes from helping each other.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

I sit here isolated in my room away from my job, my friends, and my home. On the other side of campus, my team is working away. All my friends that comprise the Macduff RA staff are hard at work helping people move out of the building for the semester. I want to be there. I want to help out, but I can’t. At least that is how it felt at first.

Luckily, yesterday I began to uncover how much I am capable of doing. It won’t match what I could provide in person, but it is still a valuable addition to the team. While they assist students in the building, control traffic, and make sure everything is accounted for, I have assigned myself the role of team cheerleader. Being an RA during move out can be tough, both physically and emotional, but I’ll be here doing everything I can to lighten the mental load. Whether it’s a funny remark, adorable GIFs, or just someone to talk to. I am going to be available and actively seek out those opportunities to help my team.

That is what a good team does. They never look down upon someone asking for help, and they give themselves in the ways that they can. They make it their mission to bring a smile to the people they serve along with the rest of their team. They give because they know that the help they lend to others has a way of making it back to them when they need it most. They give because they like to see others happy.

I have had this internal struggle for years of how to develop a sense of purpose. This semester has been the first time in quite a while that I have felt fully invested in something. As an RA, I have had many opportunities to help students and the community we are a part of. The key has been just giving some time and good, honest effort. I can’t cheat and do things halfway. I have to go all the way and do the best I can. When I do, the commitment pays off tenfold.

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